Digital Marketing Manager (B2B, Full Time)

Work Type: Full Time

Overproof is seeking a highly motivated Digital Marketing Manager focused on driving effective lead generation through innovative digital marketing strategies. This role is a perfect fit for an individual who excels in combining creative ideas with analytical skills to attract and engage target audiences, ultimately fueling the sales pipeline. Reporting to the Senior Marketing Manager and collaborating closely with the Senior Sales Manager and Marketing Coordinator, you will play a key role in the design and management of campaigns that not only capture attention but also convert leads. Your responsibilities will include developing SEO strategies and compelling CTAs, developing and executing paid and organic social media campaigns, creating and optimizing landing pages and campaign assets, and conducting A/B testing to maximize budget efficiency. Additionally, you will be instrumental in streamlining lead qualifying processes, setting appointments, and implementing lead nurturing and automation tactics. This position offers a unique opportunity to significantly contribute to Overproof's digital footprint and to directly impact our lead generation and conversion success in a dynamic, AI-driven business environment.


Develop strategies and key objectives for various ad campaign formats, ensuring alignment with business goals and lead generation targets.

Formulate strategy for website lead generation via HubSpot CTA manager, including pop-ups, banners, slide-ins, and exit forms.

Propose monthly budgets and optimize resource allocation for maximum impact adhering to CPL goals.

Define precise target audiences based on market research and segmentation analysis.

Implement SEO keyword strategy and create compelling CTAs to improve conversion rates.

Develop and oversee lead generation strategies, including creating and managing lead nurture and scoring models, to improve lead quality and conversion rates and enhance the effectiveness of the marketing funnel.


Design and manage digital marketing campaigns, ensuring effective campaign execution.

Craft persuasive copy for campaigns and landing pages, tailoring messages to resonate with target audiences.

Develop landing pages and manage campaign-specific digital assets for a cohesive brand presentation.

Conduct ongoing A/B testing of channels, ad formats, copy, visuals, and strategies to refine campaigns based on performance analysis.

Collaborate with the content manager to produce assets that visually engage and drive action.

Create tracking links with UTM parameters and manage lead generation forms for campaigns.

Execute and launch ad campaigns on platforms such as LinkedIn, Meta, Google, Hubspot CTA, and others using campaign managers.

Implement lead qualifying processes, appointment setting, and manage lead nurturing campaigns using automation tools.

Lead the execution of email marketing campaigns aligned with the lifecycle marketing roadmap, focusing on customer onboarding, engagement, retention, and renewal efforts to drive business objectives.


Manage reporting dashboards on Hubspot detailing campaign outcomes, progress toward objectives, and insights for enhancements.

Monitor and analyze data for A/B testing results and budget optimization.


Proven track record in successful digital ad campaign execution.

Proficiency in sales copywriting, SEO optimization, and campaign asset creation.

Strong experience with A/B testing, budget optimization, and campaign performance analysis.

Familiarity with campaign managers on platforms like LinkedIn, Meta, Google, etc.

Ability to manage lead nurturing processes and automate marketing efforts effectively.

Previous exposure to the B2B SaaS industry is advantageous.

Self-motivated, organized, and capable of managing responsibilities independently.

Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, or a related field.

Minimum of 4 years of relevant work experience.

Hubspot certifications: Marketing Software: Learn all things Marketing Hub  / Inbound Marketing Optimization

Here’s why Overproof stands out:

Market Momentum: We recently closed our Series A round, showcasing strong investor confidence and providing the resources needed to fuel our rapid growth and innovation.

Top-Tier Talent: Our team is made up of A-players, many of whom have been with us since day one and are personally invested in our success. This rare level of buy-in highlights the belief in our potential and the strong culture we've built.

Stability and Culture: With an exceptionally low turnover rate, (with an average of less than 1 person leaving the team voluntarily per year), our supportive and engaging work environment ensures that employees feel valued and motivated.

Innovative Environment: We foster creativity, experimentation, and continuous improvement. Working in a collaborative startup environment means your voice will be heard, and your contributions will drive our collective success.

Career Advancement: With our growth trajectory, there are ample opportunities for recognition, professional development, and leadership advancement.

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